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Electronics Manufacturing Acronyms: WTH? – ACDI

Electronics Manufacturing Acronyms

All of us take shortcuts with language–whether or not we’re texting LOL or utilizing “ROY G BIV” to assist us hold monitor of the colour spectrum. The manufacturing world is not any exception, and for those who’re not conversant in the terminology, it will probably really feel just like the individuals on this business are speaking a totally totally different language.

That will help you navigate the alphabet soup of producing, we’re offering a useful Manufacturing Acronym to English Reference Information for you. Here’s a record of the most typical acronyms chances are you’ll come throughout:


AC – Alternating Present: An alternating present varies with time. This time period is usually utilized to an influence supply that switches polarity within the form of a sinusoidal, sq., or triangular wave many occasions per second.

ANOVA – Evaluation of Variance: Statistically evaluating experimental outcomes by way of a scientific technique to separate the sources of variation.

AOI – Automated Optical Inspection: A testing technique used to verify printed circuit boards for defects and untimely failure. Throughout this check, a digital camera autonomously scans the gadget.

AQL – Acceptance High quality Degree: The contractually tolerable most variety of defectives more likely to exist inside a inhabitants (lot). That is usually related to statistically derived sampling plans.

ATE – Automated Check Gear: Gear that evaluates useful or static parameters to evaluate efficiency degradation or carry out fault isolation.

ATG – Automated Check Era: Automated checks–with little or no guide programming–generated by a pc and based mostly on solely on the circuit know-how.

AVL – Authorised Vendor Record: The listing of accepted element producers, together with half numbers and descriptions.


BGA – Ball Grid Array: A floor mount know-how used to connect built-in circuits to a printed circuit board.

BOM – Invoice of Supplies: An inventory of all of the elements, assemblies, uncooked supplies, and elements, together with the portions, wanted to construct a product.

BS – Primary Specification: Documentation of the widespread parts for a gaggle of merchandise, supplies, or providers.

BTO – Construct-To-Order Techniques Meeting: An entire product constructed and examined to a selected buyer order, utilizing the required elements, software program, and documentation.


CAD – Pc Aided Design: Utilizing a pc program to design a proposed product that may be reviewed as a printout or plot. For instance: digital merchandise might present a CAD within the type of a printed circuit format.

CAE – Pc Aided Engineering: Utilizing a pc for the info manipulation perform throughout engineering processes.

CAF – Conductive Anodic Filament: An electrochemical course of that transports conductive chemistries throughout nonmetallic substrate due to an utilized electrical subject.

CAM – Pc Aided Manufacturing: Utilizing a pc for the info manipulation perform in the course of the manufacturing processes.

CapDS – Functionality Element Specification: An in depth doc offering the precise particulars the undertaking required, which aa producer makes use of to exhibit the necessities have been met.

CBGA/CCGA – Ceramic Ball Grid Array/Ceramic Column Grid Array: A grid array element utilizing ceramic because the substrate of the package deal and both solder balls or solder columns as connections.

CDS – Buyer Element Specification: A selected and detailed doc offering the necessities for a buyer product, materials, or service.

CEM – Contract Electronics Manufacturing: Also called electronics manufacturing providers (EMS), this refers to outsourcing the manufacturing of the digital gear whereas permitting the unique gear producer (OEM) to retain the design and model identify.

CFT – Buyer Focus Workforce: A devoted group of specialists in every practical space of the manufacturing course of, provide chain administration, design, engineering, manufacturing, finance, and high quality assurance. This workforce oversees all the product life cycle, offering undertaking administration and communication.

CNC – Pc Numerical Management: A system the place the first numerical management method is utilized by a pc and software program.

Cp – Functionality Efficiency Index: The ratio of the measured efficiency of a course of in comparison with specified limits.

Cpk – Functionality Efficiency Index: A measure of the connection between the scaled distance between the method imply worth and the closest specification restrict.

CPLD – Complicated programmable logic gadget.

COB – Chip On Board: An meeting know-how for printed boards that interconnects unpackaged semiconductor cube by wire bonding or an identical attachment technique.

CTB – Functionality Check Board: A board designed to behave as a capability-qualifying element (CQC). It may also be utilized by a producer to guage course of variations, course of controls, or steady enchancment procedures.

CTE – Coefficient of Thermal Enlargement: The linear dimensional change of a cloth per unit change in temperature.

CTO – Configure-to-Order Methods Meeting: Utilizing particular buyer necessities, configuring an already constructed or partially constructed product with particular peripherals and software program.

CSP – Chip Scale Package deal: Lively, multi-I/O package deal that’s no bigger than 125% of the dimensions of the silicon IC.

CTP – Composite Check Sample: Particular person check patterns grouped to mirror the management and precision capabilities of a producer or course of.

CTS – Functionality Check Phase: Part of a functionality check board (CTB) with a set or group of particular person check patterns (ITP) that may show a selected degree of printed board or manufacturing capabilities.

CUSUM Chart – Cumulative Sum Management Chart: A diagram that depicts cumulative deviation from a goal.


DFA – Design for Meeting: The apply of designing merchandise which are straightforward to assemble.

DFM – Design for Manufacturability: The follow of designing a product in order that it accelerates the manufacturing course of and reduces manufacturing prices.

DFT – Design for Check: The strategy of including options to enhance testability when designing a product.

DC – Direct Present: A present produced by a voltage supply (energy provides, transformers, or batteries), that doesn’t differ with time.

DFx – Design For X: Instituting “greatest practices” within the design to enhance variable X, with variable X being a manufacturability, testability, mechanical meeting or different element or service.

DIM – Knowledge Info Module: A selected perform or activity described by a gaggle of data that include associated knowledge.

DIP – Twin In-Line Package deal: A well-liked by way of gap package deal with leads in rows on reverse sides of the package deal.

DNC – Distributed Numerical Management: A community that hyperlinks pc packages or computer-aided techniques to numerically managed machine instruments.

DP – Delivered Panel: Meant to include a number of printed boards in a selected association or cluster, this manufacturing or prototype panel–or portion of both—is meant to facilitate financial meeting and testing within the subsequent degree of producing.

DRAM – Dynamic RAM: Learn-write reminiscence that requires learn or written into refreshes periodically in an effort to keep the knowledge in storage.

DS – Detailed Specification: A doc that describes the precise necessities for a selected product, materials, or service.

DSP – Digital Sign Processing:  Using software program to control sign knowledge.

DUT – Gadget Underneath Check: Element, PCB, or meeting subjected to a check. Also referred to as unit beneath check (UTT) and loaded board.


EDI – Digital Knowledge Interchange: The digital switch of knowledge by way of a community.

EMI – Electromagnetic Interference: Unwelcome radiated electromagnetic power that pairs into electrical conductors.

EOL – Finish of Life: Merchandise or elements which might be being retired on account of know-how obsolescence or declining demand.

ERP – Enterprise Useful resource Planning: A software program system designed to handle each facet of a producing or distribution enterprise utilizing modules for every element– Financials, Gross sales, Buying, Stock Administration, Manufacturing, MRP, and DRP–which work seamlessly with a constant consumer interface.

Different software program packages reminiscent of Buyer Relationship Administration (CRM), Manufacturing Execution Techniques (MES), Superior Planning and Scheduling (APS), Warehouse Administration Techniques (WMS) and Transportation Administration Techniques (TMS) can be utilized to make sure one ERP meets all of the enterprise wants.

ERS – Equal Collection Resistance: A loss parameter used to match two capacitors of equal worth to find out their relative effectiveness as filters.

ESD – Electrostatic Discharge: The discharge of static electrical energy that happens when two objects contact.

ESS – Environmental Stress Screening: A course of that applies excessive stresses to merchandise to assist check for defects and untimely failure.


FA & T – Ultimate Meeting and Check: The method comprising a subset or all the manufacturing steps right into a subassembly, after which right into a completed product, testing, and getting ready for delivery.

Additionally, generally known as “ultimate meeting and check (FA&T)” or “system meeting and check (SA&T)”.

FEA – Finite-Aspect Evaluation: A pc-based evaluation technique that subdivides geometric entities into smaller parts in order that they will then be analyzed concurrently.

FEM – Finite-Component Modeling: Using a mannequin to characterize an issue that may be evaluated by finite-element evaluation.

FP – Flat Pack: A low-profile IC package deal. It sometimes has gull wing sort of leads on two or 4 sides.

FPT – Nice-Pitch Know-how: A surface-mount meeting know-how with element terminations on lower than zero.625-mm (zero.zero25-inch) facilities.

FPT – Flying Probe Check:  An in-circuit check methodology that makes use of shifting probes to make reference to the unit beneath check.


G10: A laminate comprising of woven epoxy-glass material infused with epoxy resin underneath strain and warmth. G10 lacks the anti-flammability properties of FR-Four and is used primarily for skinny circuits.

GS – Generic Specification: A doc that describes as many common necessities a few set, household or group of merchandise, supplies, or service as attainable.


HASL – Scorching Air Solder Leveling: Coating uncovered copper by inserting a panel into molten solder, then utilizing jets of scorching air to complete.

HDI – Excessive Density Interconnect: Extremely-fine geometry multi-layer PCB constructed with conductive microvia connections. These boards additionally often embrace buried and/or blind vias and are made by sequential lamination.


IC – Built-in Circuit: A small, full circuit made by vacuum deposition and different methods, often on a silicon chip, and mounted in a package deal.

ICT – In-Circuit Check: A option to determine manufacturing induced faults of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) with a mixture of hardware and software program that individually checks and isolates units utilizing a bed-of-nails fixture.

ILB – Inside-Lead Bond: The connection between a conductor on a bonding tape and a naked die.

IMB – Intermetallic Bond: Skinny layer of chemical bonding in metals.

IMC – Intermetallic Compound: Metallic compounds that type on the interfaces between totally different metals.

IPC – The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Digital Circuits: A world commerce affiliation for the printed board and electronics meeting industries.

IR – Infrared Reflow: Utilizing infrared heating as the first supply of power to re-melt solder.

ITP – Particular person Check Patter: Figuring out a facet of a producer or manufacturing course of functionality by way of a single check sample.

ITS – Particular person Check Specimen: Figuring out a facet of a producer or manufacturing course of functionality by means of a single check specimen that accommodates a person check sample (ITP).

ITT – Inter-Check Time: The period between two successive driver strobes.


JEDEC – Joint Digital Units Engineering Council: An arm of the Digital Industries Affiliation (EIA) that publishes specs and requirements for digital elements.

JIT – Simply-In-Time: Manufacturing management methods that reduce stock by delivering elements and materials to a producing facility simply earlier than they’re included right into a product.

J-Leads: Leads formed just like the letter “J” as a result of the lead departs the package deal physique close to its Z axis centerline, is shaped down then rolled beneath the package deal. That is the popular floor mount lead type used on PLCCs.


KGA – Recognized Good Meeting: A printed board meeting that operates appropriately and serves as a regular mannequin for others.

KGB – Recognized Good Board: A PCB that operates appropriately and serves for studying or debugging a check program in improvement or for comparability testing.


LCCC – Leadless Ceramic Chip Service: A hermetically sealed ceramic package deal that has pads round its sides for solder connection in a floor mounting software.

LMC – Least Materials Situation: When a function of measurement accommodates the least quantity of fabric inside the limits of that measurement.

LPI – Liquid Photograph-Imageable Solder Masks: Utilizing photographic imaging methods to develop ink used to regulate deposition.

LSI – Giant-Scale Integration: An built-in circuit with over 100 gates.


MCM – Multichip Module: Two or extra silicon units bonded on to a substrate by wire bond, TAB, or flip chip to make a circuit.

MELF – Metallic Electrode Face Bonding: A cylindrical leadless element with a spherical physique and metals terminals on the ends.

MES – Manufacturing Execution System: Software program that integrates with an enterprise system to offer for store flooring scheduling, manufacturing and labor reporting.

MLB – Multi-layer Board: An MLB is a board that has greater than two layers of conductive materials.

MMC – Most Materials Situation: A drawing defining sure traits of the printed board.

MRP – Supplies Requirement Planning: Utilizing invoice of fabric knowledge, stock knowledge, and the manufacturing schedule, this system calculates the required supplies.

MTBF – Imply Time Between Failures: The imply common time (sometimes in hours) that’s the precise, predicted, or calculated time between failures of an working unit.


NC – Numerical Management: The mathematically outlined, designed, or examined geometric portions utilized in computer-aided know-how.

NC Drill – Numeric Management Drill Machine: A machine used to drill the holes in a printed board at actual places–specified by a knowledge file.

NDA – Non-Disclosure Settlement. A authorized contract defining which info ought to and shouldn’t be shared with potential companions.

NMR – Regular-Mode Rejection: The quantity of noise superimposed on the enter sign of a direct-current (DC) digital voltmeter that the instrument is able to rejecting.

NPI – New Product Introduction: The method of bringing a services or products from inception to market.


OA – Natural Aqueous: Water soluble flux.

OEM – Unique Gear Producer: The corporate that designed, manufactured, advertising, and offered buyer help for a product.

OLB – Outer-Lead Bond: The connection between the bottom materials and the conductor on a bonding tape.

OSP – Natural Solder Preservative: Natural coating utilized to board surfaces in layers to stop oxidation and to retain solderability.


PB – Printed Board: The overall time period for utterly processed printed circuit and printed wiring configurations.

PBGA – Plastic Ball Grid Array: A ball grid array element whose package deal substrate is made from plastic, polyimidearramid, or comparable resin-fiber mixtures.

PCA – Printed Circuit Meeting: The generic time period for a PCB in any case electrical elements have been hooked up.

PCB – Printed Circuit Board: Used to help and join digital elements. PCBs are utilized in most modern-day electronics.

PCBA – Printed Circuit Board Meeting: These are like PCBs, besides they’ve elements soldered on.

PCMCIA – Private Pc Reminiscence Card Worldwide Affiliation: The group that has developed the early requirements for the varied sizes of modules which have been initially for reminiscence enlargement however at the moment are used for a lot of totally different digital features.

PLCC – Plastic Leaded Chip Service: A plastic IC package deal for floor mounting purposes that has leads–usually “J” leads–on all 4 sides.

PP – Manufacturing Panel: An association of printed boards in a selected cluster to facilitate financial fabrication methods utilizing managed and documented chemical, mechanical and electrical processes.

PPB – Manufacturing Panel Board: A printed board fabricated in an surroundings that consists of managed and documented chemical, mechanical and electrical processes utilized in mixture to supply the options and traits of the ultimate printed board product.

PQFP – Plastic Quad Flat Pack: An FP with leads on 4 sides usually refers to a plastic quad flat package deal that’s constructed to JEDEC requirements.

PTH – Pin-By way of-Gap or Plated-Via-Gap: Soldering element leads (or pins) inserted in plated through-hole to acquire an electrical connection between elements and substrate.

PWA – Printed Wiring Meeting: Generally used to explain a PWB in any case of its electrical elements are hooked up.

PWB – Printed Wiring Board: A printed wiring board on which elements are mounted and wired collectively. Also called a PCB.


QFP – Quad Flat Pack: A FP with leads on 4 sides. Often a plastic quad flat package deal that’s constructed to JEDEC requirements.

QPL – Certified Merchandise Listing: An digital record figuring out which supplies and suppliers have handed the required testing and qualifications.

QSOP – Quarter-Measurement Small Define Package deal: A SO fashion IC package deal that has leads on a 25-mil pitch.


RAM – Random Entry Reminiscence: A kind of reminiscence that gives entry to storage places.

RMF – Danger Administration Issue: The utmost tolerable proportion of potential defects inside a whole lot of models, based mostly on roughly 95% confidence degree.

ROHS – Restriction of hazardous substances directive.

ROM – Learn Solely Reminiscence: A random-access storage the place the info sample is fixed after manufacture.


SA & T – Methods Meeting and Check: The method comprising a subset or all of the manufacturing steps right into a completed product, testing, and getting ready for delivery. Additionally, generally known as “last meeting and check (FA&T).”

SIG – Sigma: The Greek letter that’s used to designate a normal deviation of a inhabitants.

SIP – Single-Inline Package deal: A element package deal with one straight row of pins or wire leads.

SIR – Floor Insulation Resistance: Specified environmental and electrical circumstances that decide the electrical resistance of an insulating materials between a pair of contacts, conductors or grounding units.

SMA – Floor Mount Meeting: Utilizing floor mount know-how with floor mounted elements to fabricate an electronics meeting or module.

SMC – Floor Mount Element: A leaded or leadless half that has the potential to turn into hooked up to a printed board by floor mounting.

SMOBC – Solder Masks Over Naked Copper: Fabricating a printed circuit board that leads to copper with no protecting metallic in remaining metallization. The element terminal areas are uncovered because the non-coated areas are coated by solder resist to remove tin lead underneath the masks.

SMT – Floor Mount Know-how: The know-how utilizing elements which might be soldered on to the floor of the substrate or PWB in digital assemblies.

SO – Small Define: A package deal resembling a flat pack with leads on solely two sides. Usually refers to a package deal that’s roughly 150 mils large.

SOIC – Small Define Built-in Circuit: A plastic IC package deal that has leads on two opposites sides used for floor mounting purposes.

SOL/SOW – Small Define-Giant/Small Define Vast: Refers to packages which are roughly 300 mils large.

SOT – Small Define Transistor: A plastic leaded package deal for diodes and transistors utilized in floor mounting purposes.

SPC – Statistical Course of Management: Analyzation of a course of or the output utilizing statistical methods to find out any variation from a benchmark .

SQC – Statistical High quality Management: Documenting and assuring end-product compliance with necessities utilizing statistical methods.

SS – Sectional Specification: The precise necessities pertaining to a portion of a set, household, or group of merchandise, supplies or, providers.

SSOIC – Shrink Small Define IC: A SO-style IC package deal that has leads on a 25-mil pitch.


TAB – Tape Automated Bonding: An IC interconnection technique that makes use of natural tape to help pre-formed leads throughout bonding to the chip and connection to the substrate.

TBGA – Tape Ball Grid Array: A ball grid array element package deal utilizing TAB methods to make the connections between the IC chip and the solder balls. This leaves compliant connections between the IC and the solder balls for higher TCE reliability.

TCE – Thermal Coefficient of Enlargement: The speed of enlargement (ppm/C) of a cloth when its temperature is elevated.

TG – Glass Transition Temperature: The diploma (in Celsius) at which rising temperatures trigger resin contained in the strong base laminate to begin to exhibit tender, plastic-like signs.


UBGA – Micro BGA: Micro BGA .8mm ball spacing or much less.

UL – Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.: An organization supported by some underwriters for establishing security requirements on varieties of gear or elements. Their emblem exhibits relevant UL certification.


VFP – Very High quality Pitch: Floor mount packages the place the center-to-center lead distances are between zero.012 inch and zero.020 inches.

VLSI – Very Giant Scale Integration: Built-in circuits with greater than 80,000 transistors on a single die which are interconnected with conductors which might be 1 micron or much less in width.

VSOIC – Very Small Define IC: A SO type IC package deal that has leads with a pitch of 30 mils or much less.


WIP – Work-In-Course of: Stock that’s presently being processed, or stock that has been processed via one operation and is awaiting one other. WIP is a listing account that represents the worth of supplies, labor, and overhead that has been issued to manufacturing however has not but produced a stock-able merchandise.


X-Axis: The horizontal or left-to-right course in a two-dimensional system of coordinates. This axis is perpendicular to the Y-axis.


Y-Axis: The vertical or bottom-to-top path in a two-dimensional system of coordinates.


Z-Axis: The Axis perpendicular to the aircraft shaped by the X and Y datum reference. This axis often represents the thickness of the boards.

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