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10 Easy Tricks How to Beat the Afternoon Slump and Stay Productive

afternoon slump

Feeling drained and sleepy within the afternoon? Properly, that’s utterly
regular, nevertheless it doesn’t imply that you need to let the afternoon stoop management
your day, as an alternative, do one thing and make your afternoon a bliss.

Most of us are productive and motivated within the morning, however when it
involves the afternoon, we’re typically hit by the droop that makes us really feel
unproductive and has no motivation to do

The circadian rhythms have an effect on your sleep patterns and are additionally an element liable for your afternoon droop.

In addition to that, your power plummeted as you’re employed all through the day. It
works like your telephone. Within the morning, your telephone is absolutely charged. And as you
undergo the day, you’re employed, transfer round, assume, and so forth, you employ up a few of your

And by the noon, often, you’re uninterested in working for lengthy hours. You
really feel sleepy after your lunch too.

So if you wish to beat your afternoon stoop and keep motivated
all through the day, you’ll have to discover ways to management your power.

Listed here are 10 straightforward tips of what you are able to do to take care of your power
degree, to remain productive, and to eliminate your noon droop.

1. Take a brief break

First, take a brief break. Loads of research have found that over-learning or over-working can decrease your productiveness. Individuals who spend lengthy hours working will discover that their productiveness decreases over time.

And for college kids to learn and study for lengthy hours, an analogous sample was proven. Thus, you need to
take breaks on occasion.

You merely can’t concentrate on a sure venture or activity for 10 hours
straight. You’ll burn out and your mind
might be overwhelmed and your productiveness shall be lowered.

This is the reason time administration method just like the Pomodoro Method works nice.

After you’re taking a brief break out of your work, you are feeling refresh. You give
your thoughts a breather and the brief break recharges your power and creativity

Stroll round, speak to your colleagues, get a drink, take your thoughts
utterly off the duty, and do one thing else.

No matter you do, stroll away out of your process. You need to get a pitstop to
replenish your power and increase your productiveness.

2. Don’t take a heavy lunch

Every time you eat is an opportunity to nourish yourself.

That is straightforward to know. If you absorb a heavy lunch, your physique must work extra to digest the meals.

And when your physique requires extra power to digest all of the meals that
you poured into your mouth, guess what is going to occur to your power degree?

After consuming, your physique releases hormones corresponding to amylin, glucagon, and
cholecystokinin, which improve your blood sugar ranges, inflicting you to really feel

It additionally is dependent upon what sort of meals you set into your physique too.

Some meals which are wealthy in protein like cheese, meat, poultry, and
soybeans may cause your physique to supply serotonin that makes you are feeling drowsy.

So watch what you eat for lunch.

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three. Do some stretching

Think about sitting in your chair and searching on the display for hours,
assume you gained’t really feel drained?

A noon journey to the fitness center can increase your productiveness and in addition forestall
the afternoon droop. Now, in case you don’t need to get sweat throughout, do some easy
train and stretching.

First, step away from the display. After which stretch out to maintain your muscle tissues unfastened. When you have no concept what sort of stretches you need to do, take a look at this text from Greatist.

If you stretch, transfer round, and train, you improve your blood
and oxygen movement to your mind. This makes you are feeling refresh and in addition improves
your alertness on the similar time.

four. Take pleasure in your afternoon tea break

Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break.

In response to this text from BBC, British staff lose 24 minutes a day getting tea and occasional. And getting conventional tea and occasional run has grow to be an workplace ritual the place four out of 10 staff make a scorching drink for multiple colleague each day.

So when you’re the boss, you may fear that your employees wasted an excessive amount of
time on tea breaks. However fear not, as a result of scientists have found that tea
breaks aren’t a waste of time, as an alternative, they enhance temper and make individuals extra
artistic and productive.

Tea and occasional include caffeine and theanine that may trigger rest
and application. Plus, individuals truly take pleasure in making tea and occasional, the style,
and the aroma of their drinks.

Like consuming sweets, tea breaks could make you happier than consuming plain

“These findings seem to verify what many people suspect; that the near sacred ritual of the tea break can successfully increase your temper, which in flip can result in different advantages resembling improved drawback fixing,” stated lead scientist Suzanne Einother on DailyMail.

Therefore, everytime you’re feeling drained, cease your work and go for a tea

5. Do work that requires much less creativity

Once you’re at your peak, it is best to spend your time and power on the
most troublesome and necessary activity.

For example, I spend my morning on writings. I do know that within the
morning, I’m the freshest and thus, I exploit
my mornings to create articles reminiscent of this one.

Writing requires creativity. And don’t need to waste my power and creativity
on issues that require none of them.

And within the afternoon, often, I’ll
work on issues that require much less of my creativity and mind energy. I’ll work
on issues like updating social media accounts, creating quotes, schedule social
media posts, and so on.

It is best to do the identical. In case you are all the time hit by noon stoop, then you definitely
ought to think about scheduling duties that take much less artistic and mind energy to
work on.

Select to work on the extra heavy and artistic work within the morning when
you’re recent.

One other strategy advised by Reader’s Digest is to work on a challenge that you simply’re passionate about within the afternoon.

Within the morning, work in your most dreading process. And within the afternoon,
spend your time on duties that you simply like to do. Let your ardour conquer your
afternoon stoop.

So check it out. Perceive your rhythm and schedule your work so that you simply
can get probably the most out of your afternoon.

6. Change your workstation

When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

One other nice technique to beat your noon droop is to vary your
workstation. If you introduce selection into your day by day routine, you make your
work recent.

For instance, when you sit and work in entrance of your pc a lot of the
time, attempt to change your workstation. You should use the laptop computer on a standing
desk, work in a close-by espresso store, or simply change locations together with your

The secret is to introduce “newness” to your mind. You need to
eliminate the routine that your thoughts assume it’s boring.

Attempt to brush your tooth with a unique hand within the morning. In the event you
use your proper hand to brush your tooth day-after-day, attempt to do it together with your left-hand tomorrow. And see how that makes you
really feel.

Once you’re doing one thing totally different and one thing new, your thoughts will
be extra alert since you’re not used to it.

For this reason altering your work surroundings may help conquer your
afternoon stoop.

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7. Change to a different process

Switching to a different process works too. Like what I discussed above, when
you do one thing totally different, you inject freshness to your mind. And this makes
you awake and also you gained’t really feel sleepy.

Once you give attention to doing one process for lengthy hours, you put on down the half
the place you employ mind.

As an example, once you do your accounting work for hours, one other half
of your mind might crave for consideration.

Doing calculation
makes use of your left mind. And whenever you put an excessive amount of consideration in your left mind,
your proper mind needs some consideration too.

That is when you’ll lose your focus and sometimes will get distracted by
different ideas. And in case you press on to focus on the work, it makes you
really feel drained and sleepy.

Subsequently, change your process. Don’t give attention to doing only one sort of labor
for lengthy hours. Make your life enjoyable by introducing choices and selection.

eight. Take an influence nap

Take a rest so that you can go further.

Taking an influence nap within the afternoon is one among my favourite methods to beat
afternoon stoop. It’s easy. You are feeling drained and sleepy, your mind tells you
to sleep, and also you sleep.

Nevertheless, not for an hour or two. An influence nap is supposed to be brief, like
from 15 to 30 minutes. That is to stop you from falling into the deep sleep
mode that may make you are feeling much more drained whenever you get up.

Taking an influence nap doesn’t simply will increase your productiveness and
alertness, it additionally boosts your reminiscence,
improves your coronary heart well being, and elevates your temper.

On this article, Michael Hyatt mentions that many celebrities and extraordinary individuals have been energy nappers:

  • Leonardo da Vinci took a number of naps a day and slept much less at night time.
  • Physicist Albert Einstein napped every day—on prime of getting ten hours of sleep every night time.
  • Although Thomas Edison was embarrassed about his napping behavior, he additionally practiced his ritual every day.
  • President John F. Kennedy ate his lunch in mattress after which settled in for a nap – day-after-day.
  • Winston Churchill’s afternoon nap was non-negotiable. He believed it helped him get twice as a lot executed every day.

So what about you? Are you going to get an influence nap whenever you’re drained and sleepy?

9. Activate the music

Have you learnt that melodious sounds assist encourage the discharge of
dopamine within the mind?

It’s troublesome to regulate our ideas particularly once we’re drained and
sleepy. And music may also help deliver us again to the current second.

Teresa Lesiuk from the College of Miami discovered that individuals who listened to music accomplished their duties extra shortly and got here up with higher concepts than those that didn’t as a result of music improved their temper.

It’s common sense that music can change our temper. So if you’re
feeling drained and sleepy, attempt to placed on some uplifting and fast-paced background
music, it should wake you up and get you motivated as soon as once more.

More often than not, I write articles with some background music. And when
I’m doing work that requires much less considering, I’ll play songs with lyrics.

That is how I keep my productiveness and beat the noon droop.

10. Splash chilly water in your face

This can be a fast approach to make your self conscious – splash chilly water on
your face. Once you’re feeling drained and sleepy within the afternoon, and even in
the morning, this fast repair is efficient.

When the afternoon crash comes, rise up, go to the pantry or the
toilet, and wash your face. You may as well use a towel to do that.

So why does chilly water on the face wakes us up? Right here’s an amazing reply I discovered from Reddit:

“Chilly water on the face triggers the mammalian diving reflex. Of the varied results, the factor that wakes you up is that it causes your blood to be squeezed again into your core physique and mind, away from the pores and skin and limbs. This boosts the oxygen obtainable to you, and raises your blood strain, which is often low once you get up (sleepy).”

Therefore, use this trick to make you awake within the noon.


It’s regular to really feel drained and sleepy within the afternoon, particularly
after lunch. However you possibly can reboot your temper and make your self awake once more utilizing
the 10 strategies above.

You don’t need to all the time make your afternoon unproductive. Check out
the following pointers and let me understand how they work in your aspect. Do share your expertise
within the remark part under.

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