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0.131.1 PVP APK Mine: The Big One

0.131.1 PVP APK Mine: The Big One

Zero is off doing an enormous sleep so I’m gonna attempt to take over for a bit on the info mining. I don’t declare to be a prime tier knowledge miner nevertheless, so bear with me as I roll by way of all this and present the large modifications within the Metadata and information of the sport. It’s a whole lot of modifications, specifically PVP, so I’ll phase this as a lot as potential to make this digestible. We’ve got the official replace notes up first, after which what’s under the floor afterward:

Photograph Credit go to u/ricardo2g on Reddit. 

Replace Notice: Added discovered PVP Win/Loss information. Elaborated on findings to handle the hype.

Desk of Contents
Buffs and Debuffs?
Transfer Sounds
New Textures
New Loading Display
Miscellaneous Stuff


This shouldn’t be a shock, so we’ll get this out of the best way. 

All method of code has been added for PVP, as to be anticipated, because it had been introduced Coach Battles have been already coming and the patch notes above stated outright it was coming alongside. That being stated, including all the code on this text would simply make it the longest article the Hub has ever posted, so we’ll persist with the very fascinating bits.


That is a number of the base code referring to the visible elements, spawning the Pokémon, shields, subject, and so forth. This subsequent half in the meantime, pertains to a number of the minigames you play for Cost Transfer utilization, on Protection, Offense, and the way good one does:


References within the code might be discovered that relate to Net Sockets. To place this idea as merely as attainable, the connection, so long as networking is quick and sound, is consistently related between server and the system in use. On this case, your telephone doesn’t need to always ballot the Niantic server with requests, knowledge could be despatched from Niantic or despatched from the telephone each time, at the very least this appears the case for PVP. Sockets take pleasure in being a lot quicker within the grand scheme of issues, however there’s the fear that, with so many telephones immediately related to the server in such a fashion, that the pressure on techniques might develop. Solely time will inform whether or not that is the case or not.

Socket mentions grew with the Metadata of 131.1, and all appeared to narrate round base additions to earlier mentions of sockets methods, or code like those under the place it particularly makes references to fight, the widespread phrase used when referring to PVP within the code.


Buffs and Debuffs?

This got here alongside a number of the PVP code, nevertheless it clearly warrants a devoted part. The code references a number of ranges of Buffs and Debuffs, in addition to sound results associated to Buffs and Debuffs. The fascinating reality is that the sound results are current within the APK information, and they’re virtually precisely just like the sound results for mains collection buff and debuff sound results, akin to when your Squirtle makes use of Tail Whip and the opponent loses Protection. In fact although, you can also make that willpower for your self right here (for comparability some old-fashioned GBA Emerald Model rips are included, courtesy of khinsider.com:

  • buff_attack
  • buff_defense
  • debuff_attack
  • debuff_defense
  • Emerald Buff
  • Emerald Debuff


There’s a lot extra code associated right here, all seemingly associated to the sport understanding stat modifications to Assault and Protection, having the sport set these modifications, having the sport talk with the community to get the stat modifications, and far more.

There was no indication stat modifications can be carried out within the recreation and I frankly haven’t any actual rationalization behind the coding. A method to take a look at it’s buffing and debuffing to slot in the leagues, in any case there’s coding for min and max cp modifications and checks to make sure you are all within the right league. One other non-buff rationalization is, in current historical past in the primary collection, particular Pokemon obtain stat boosts initially of a battle. This being the case with Legendaries/Snorlax in Let’s Go, and the Extremely Beasts in Solar and Moon. Maybe this can be a approach to buff the Staff Chief Trainers. Nevertheless, if it seems to be associated to precise stat modifications to the Pokémon, the complexity of PVP, and maybe all of Pokémon Go, simply received amped as much as ranges some have needed since launch.

No matter they’re used for, benefit from the sound information for PVP wins and losses:

  • PVP Win
  • PVP Loss

Transfer Sounds

The large hurdles for including new strikes into the sport embrace having them current within the Metadata, having associated belongings like sound and visible elements current within the APKs, and having them put into the Recreation Grasp with stats and assignments to varied Pokémon. Trainers, I can affirm that a lot of the earlier strikes we noticed added into the APK again in 123.1 have sounds related to them, and probably their associated visible belongings down under! I say most, as a result of we’re nonetheless lacking:

  • Razor Shell
  • Blaze Kick
  • Muddy Water
  • Shadow Bone
  • Lunge

That being stated, we nonetheless have acquired:

  • Cranium Bash
  • Acid Spray
  • Energy-Up Punch
  • Earth Energy
  • Crabhammer
  • Crush Claw
  • Octazooka
  • Mirror Shot
  • Fell Stinger
  • Leaf Twister
  • Leech Life
  • Drain Punch
  • Tremendous Energy

An fascinating factor to notice is that fairly a lot of these strikes, save for a couple of notable exceptions, buff or debuff one thing in the primary collection, be it Accuracy, Assault, Particular Assault, Protection, or Particular Protection. This could be a potential rationalization as to why there had been the coding for Buffs and Debuffs within the code, nevertheless that’s only a principle, handle any potential hype appropriately. Regardless, new strikes are all the time welcome to attempt to shake up the meta, so deliver on the strikes, Niantic!

New Textures

Some odd ball ones right here, however a number of new textures had been added into the information. Most of them look like associated to battle results on the sector, since some floor cracking, like in ground_crack under, seems on the loading picture, as properly their labels embrace battle scars like smoke, ground_crack_lava, impression01, impression02, influence03, and flame_ball. Both they’re marks on the sector, or are associated to the brand new strikes listed above, which might make sense for the likes of Acid Spray and the acid_ball and others like Earth Energy and the bottom quakes. If the latter then, all visible and sound results can be in for the strikes, and make all of them set to go, in addition to a GM task.

There are additionally female and male pores and skin masks, in addition to black and white textures labeled as female and male defaults. Mixed with the information of further pores and skin tones and hair colours, this could be the reason. Apologies however these the eyeless Avatar masks may disturb.

acid_ball f_skin_default f_skin_mask flame_ball
impression01 influence02 influence03 ground_crack
puff_solid smoke water_droplets_scattered flame_single
m_skin_default m_skin_mask ground_crack_lava fang#05010
To coincide with these as nicely, I’ll flip your consideration to Chrales, who not solely confirms the transfer sound information from earlier, however discovered somethings server aspect that, so far as I’ve been capable of deduce, aren’t ran shopper aspect. Such issues embrace chief and league icons, and backgrounds for the leaders.

some belongings extracted : backgrounds and pvp pic.twitter.com/SU7B44qrKi

— Chrales (@Chrales) December 7, 2018

leaders icons pic.twitter.com/fA0S0n5GIK

— Chrales (@Chrales) December 7, 2018

leagues pic.twitter.com/n7TuxP0k05

— Chrales (@Chrales) December 7, 2018

New Loading Display

You possibly can lastly cease shivering within the chilly whereas taking a look at a summer time loading display that on no account displays nearly all of the actual world! As you’ll be able to see from what is going to comply with, the default_loading_screen has been changed with the leaked picture from a number of days in the past:

Miscellaneous Stuff

  • Some Pokestop associated coding was fiddled with, indicating some modifications caused by the Beta Pokestop Submission course of. Briefly they seem like location checks and telemetry, indicating an goal to supply extra correct places when submitting.
  • New Badges, merely proven as:BADGE_TOP_BANANA_1, BADGE_TOP_BANANA_2, and BADGE_TOP_BANANA_3. Chrales noticed a few of this as properly, however no strong leads on what these imply.
  • A number of bits of random code was faraway from a piece referring to buddies and code scanning. Whether or not this implies something is but to be seen, however let’s see how issues work across the pal processes.
  • There was nothing to point out the prices of including the second cost transfer, nevertheless the coding to permit a second cost transfer is in.


  • Code inside exhibits the sport requesting and receiving NPC Pokemon stats and your personal Pokemon stats. As well as, it seems to maintain monitor of NPC battle stats and your personal wins, losses, and attracts.
  • Within the sections of toggles, for gadgets like push notifications for presents and such, there are toggles for fight. Most certainly to choose into and out of receiving coach battles, nevertheless that is merely a knowledgeable guess.


  • New code hinting at good high quality of life options, like filtering by strikes and probably giving a warning for those who increase a Pokemon out of its League:


  • On the time of writing the brand new hair choices are reside, nevertheless the brand new skins will not be. The hair consists of numerous shades on black, brown, blue, purple, and blonde hairs, in addition to new colours in inexperienced and white.

There you’ve gotten it, hopefully I managed to not miss something spectacular, and let’s simply all be hyped for the longer term trainers! PVP is right here quickly, it looks like it may be somewhat difficult in comparison with what we initially thought, a brand new loading display has lastly hit, and we acquired wind of a winter occasion with Delibird.


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